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We are Pakistan’s leading exporter 100% Broken Rice. Our product has been widely used in West African Nations for its staple food, Far-East for making noodles/vermicelli and Europe for beer production. We guarantee high quality products and a competitive price.

We know you'll love it, whether it is used as a regular food or as an ingredient to make vermicelli/noodles. We know the importance of price when buying products like this so we offer the lowest rates!

Trust us for premium quality. All our shipments undergo rigorous pre-shipment inspections by companies like SGS, InterTek & Bureau Veritas. HAS Rice Pakistan offers high-quality rice at affordable prices.

To request a quote, please use the form below. For a faster process, be as detailed as possible. Allow 24 - 36hrs for us to provide you a formal quotation. We might even be able to offer a quotation that day.

We really look forward to hear from you!

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